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Creating New EIM Table Mappings to Existing Base Tables

You can create new EIM table mappings from an EIM table into a base table if either of the following conditions is true:

For example, you could create a new column in EIM_ACCNT_DTL and map this either to a new extension column in S_ORG_EXT or to an existing column in the extension table S_ORG_EXT_X. These mappings are defined using Siebel Tools. For more information, see Siebel Tools Reference.

If you create an extension column to a base table, then run the EIM Table Mapping Wizard, the Wizard creates the following mappings:

In general, manually creating mappings to an existing Siebel base column in Siebel Tools is not supported. Please contact Expert Services for further assistance.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004