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Preparing EIM Tables for Merge, Update, or Import Processes

Before EIM can be used in a merge, update, or import process, a Siebel administrator or a database administrator must populate the EIM tables with data, using any method supported by the database. A Siebel administrator then invokes EIM to process this data. EIM makes multiple passes through the tables to complete the specified process.

Base tables are the tables within the Siebel database that contain your data. Base tables are the final destination of data imported into the Siebel database and the source of data exported from the Siebel database.

NOTE:  If the Siebel administrator is importing into base tables that use the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time scale, the Siebel administrator or a database administrator must convert the local time in the data into UTC before loading data into the EIM tables.

For information on specific data and file attachments that EIM can process, the names of the EIM tables, the target base tables mapped to the EIM tables, and any secondary tables associated with the target tables, see Interface Tables Reference.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004