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As part of the Application Integration documentation set, this guide provides information necessary to implement, configure, and administer Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager.

The audience for this guide consists of:

Call Center Administrator

Persons responsible for setting up and maintaining a call center; duties include designing and managing Computer Telephony Integration, SmartScripts, and message broadcasts.

Database Administrators

Persons who administer the database, including data loading; monitoring, backup, and recovery; space allocation and sizing; and user account management.

Siebel Application Administrators

Persons responsible for planning, setting up, and maintaining Siebel applications.

Siebel Application Developers

Persons responsible for planning, implementing, and configuring Siebel applications.

Siebel System Administrators

Persons responsible for the whole application implementation, including installing, maintaining, and upgrading Siebel products.

The user should possess skills in SQL, RDBMS, and network connectivity using TCP/IP. Previous experience with application and database software is helpful.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004