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Identifies one or more alternate applets to use in displaying the data of a business component.


Valid Values/Examples
Applet (R)
The name of the applet that can be toggled to.
Example: Account Entry Form.
Auto Toggle Field (O)
The test field in the business component of the applet.
The current value in this field is checked against the value in the Auto Toggle Value property.
Example: Find Category.
Auto Toggle Value (O)
The test value to match in the test field.
When this value is matched in the test field, the corresponding applet is activated.
Example: Smart Answer.
Name (R)
The name of the applet to be toggled to.
Example: Smart Answer Find Entry.
Sequence (O)
The order of this applet relative to other applets in the toggle cycle.
Integer value.

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 Published: 18 April 2003