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Server Component Parameter

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Specifies parameters within a server component type.

CAUTION:  Do not modify this object type. Any modifications can adversely affect the performance of your system.


Code Symbol (S)
Uniquely identifies the parameter as an enum for use in CcfGetParam calls. This allows for faster searching than using the full descriptive name.
Component Definition Settable (S)
See Enterprise Settable property.
Component Settable (S)
See Enterprise Settable property.
Data Type (S)
Data type of the values the parameter stores.
Default Value (S)
Specify a default value for the parameter here. The parameter assumes this value if unchanged in the server manager.
Description (S)
Longer text description of the parameter, explaining its purpose.
Display Name (S)
Name of the event type as it appears in the server manager.
Enterprise Settable (S)
A TRUE or FALSE value.
The settable flags specify the levels at which this parameter may be set, from enterprise down through task. When Enterprise Settable is set to TRUE, the parameter is set for the whole enterprise.
If a parameter is set at a particular level, its value is inherited at all lower levels. Restricting where it is settable ultimately determines the range of levels at which it can be used as well as set.
Name (S)
Name of the object definition.
Pick List (S)
Name of the picklist.
Requires Component Reconfig (S)
A TRUE or FALSE value.
Process by which the configuration of a component can be changed affecting new tasks but allowing old tasks to continue running, unaffected, using the old configuration. In general, configuration changes are picked up automatically by new tasks, but there are a small number of parameters for which changes will not take effect unless the component is taken through this reconfiguration process. This flag identifies the parameters for which this is true.
Server Settable (S)
See Enterprise Settable property.
Task Settable (S)
See Enterprise Settable property.
Text Length (S)
For parameters with a data type of Text. Specifies the maximum length in characters.

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 Published: 18 April 2003