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Creating Project Activities Manually

End users can also create activities without the aid of activity plans. The following procedure explains how to create activities from the Activities view tab in the Projects screen. Activities created in Tasks and Risks will also be visible in the Activities view in the Projects screen. For more information, see Adding Activities to a Task and Creating Risk Resolution Activities.

To create activities for a project manually

  1. Navigate to the Projects screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select the appropriate view.
  3. In the Projects list, select the project with which the activities will be associated.
  4. Click the Activities view tab.
  5. In the Activities list, add a new record.
  6. Complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.
  7. Field
    Date and time when the activity should start.
    General category of the activity. Defaults to a hyperlink with the value of Appointment. Clicking the hyperlink displays the Attachments view of the Activities screen, where the value of Type can be changed and additional activity characteristics can be specified.
    Brief note describing the activity.
    Date and time by which the activity should be completed.
    Current status of the activity.
    Importance of the activity.
    One or more employees assigned to finish the activity. Defaults to the User ID of the activity creator. This field is not displayed by default in the Service Activities view, but it can be displayed through the use of the Columns Displayed command or by clicking the Type hyperlink to navigate to the Activities screen.
    Display In
    Determines whether the activity is displayed in the Activity screen, in the Activity screen and the Calendar screen, or in the Activity screen and the To Do list. An activity cannot appear in both the Calendar and the To Do list. Defaults to Calendar and Activities.
    Check this box to turn on a reminder alarm for this activity.
    Alarm Lead
    The Alarm Lead field is automatically populated with the default alarm lead time. You can change this value from the User Preferences screen; you can also manually override it for each activity, by entering a new value in this field.

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 Published: 18 April 2003