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Displaying Existing Project Resources (Administrator)

When you create lists of the rates that you will charge for services to your customers, each rate will be associated with a project resource. A project resource is a special kind of product that represents a person with particular skills that are needed for the project. For example, typical project resource products might include Consultant, Field Engineer, and Field Technician. As you plan projects, you assign project resources to project tasks as part of the process of determining project costs and scheduling.

The following procedure explains how to display a list of the project resource products already defined in your Siebel application.

To display existing project resources

  1. Navigate to the Product Administration screen.
  2. In the More Info form, click the show more button, and then click Query.
  3. In the More Info query form, click the Project Resource check box.
  4. In the More Info query form, click the menu button, and then click Run Query.

 Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003