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Creating Time Sheet Work Types (Administrator)

Time sheets require that each increment of work time be reported against either a project or a work type. If your Siebel application includes Siebel Professional Services Automation or Siebel Projects, end users can report time against private projects and public projects. In this release, public projects are used to represent common time reporting categories such as Vacation and Training. Public projects fulfill the same function as work types, with less need for maintenance, because public projects are automatically available to each user, and work types are only available to users who have explicitly been granted access to those work types. If your Siebel application does not include Siebel Professional Services Automation or Siebel Projects, end users must report time against work types.

End users select work types in drop-down lists in time sheet views. Your Siebel application comes with default work types, such as Travel, Vacation, and Sick Time. You can add more work types to suit your company's time sheet needs. The following procedure explains how to add a new work type.

To create a work type

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Application Administration > Work Types.
  2. In the Work Types list, add a new record.
  3. Complete the fields in the new record. Some of the fields are described in the following table.
  4. Field
    Users who can select this work type in their time sheets. Defaults to creator's User ID. Note that if you want to add additional values to this field, you must select the record and click the select button (not the hyperlink) in this field.
    Date on which the work type becomes unavailable to end users. Defaults to NULL.
    Name that end users see when choosing Project field values for time sheet line items.
    Date on which the work type becomes available to end users.
    Defaults to Active. When set to Active, the selected work type is visible to end users. Whether it is available to end users depends on the values chosen for Start and End. If an end user selects a work type during a time period outside the range set by Start and End, an error message appears.

 Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003