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Industry XML Connector Factory Classes Methods

The Industry XML Connector Factory consists of four main classes:

NOTE:  For a description of functionality of each class, see Industry XML Connector.

Each class exposes a number of methods to fulfill customization and extension. The collection of these methods made up the Industry XML Connector Factory APIs. Using the overwrite methods, you can use the functionality of both Industry XML Connector as well as Siebel Financial Services eAI infrastructure for enterprise data sharing and data synchronization in your integration implementation while obeying the rules of data exchange set forth by the legacy or back-end systems such as specific XML structure and envelope details.

NOTE:  Only methods absolutely needed should be overwritten to modify the generic behavior. A list of available methods for each module is provided later in this appendix.

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003