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Siebel Financial Services eAI Adapters and Connectors

Siebel Financial Services eAI provides connectors to help create integrations between Siebel Financial Services applications and external applications. There are also additional connectors developed by Siebel eBusiness Applications partners.

Siebel Connectors

Siebel Financial Services eAI connectors provide low-level connectivity to other back-office applications such as Customer Information Integration Solutions (CIIS), but also includes the business processes used for connecting to the external applications. Used in tandem, they allow for the exchange of policy, bank account, and similar information between Siebel applications and external applications.

Third-Party Connectors

Your organization may have a need to integrate multiple applications—such as Siebel Financial Services applications, SAP, Oracle, and so on—with one another. If so, you might need an EAI solution from one of the EAI vendors. These vendors work closely with Siebel Systems to develop adapters to Siebel Financial Services applications using Siebel eAI. Siebel Systems has a validation program to make sure that these adapters work according to Siebel Systems standards.

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003