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Configurable and Upgradeable Integration

Siebel Financial Services eAI can be configured both as a server and as a client. As a client, use Siebel Financial Services eAI to send out requests. You initiate requests and ask an external application to provide service. Siebel Financial Services application used as a server publishes services available within Siebel applications to receive requests from external applications. When a request is received by a Web server or a Siebel Listener thread, or through a Siebel Object, it is processed and services are rendered. Siebel applications provide a comprehensive set of CRM services that can be configured as described below:

Integration objects. Use the wizards in Siebel Tools to define integration objects. The integration object can be external, such as industry XML standard data hierarchy, or internal, such as Siebel business object hierarchy.

Connector user properties. Connector user properties can modify default behavior, such as altering the envelope, header, or fault section of the message generated.

Connector input arguments. Connector input arguments can take on heterogeneous messages that combine multiple integration objects that might be built from different business objects.

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003