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Connectors to Other Applications

In addition to connectors described earlier in this chapter, there are other connectors built to support different applications. For example, the Siebel Teller application is supported by Siebel Connector for Teller Applications. The connector is a direct extension of the Siebel connector for IFX XML that aims at providing integration solutions for tellers' daily operations such as depositing cash transactions. It implements the Siebel Teller Business Message Specification, which is an extension of the IFX XML standard. This is a joint effort between the Siebel Financial Services team and the IBM Websphere team.

NOTE:  For details, see Siebel eFinance for Teller Connector to IBM WebSphere Business Component Composer Guide.

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003