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Exporting Contact Information

Consider a sample business scenario where you want to send all changes to contact information in the Siebel database to an external mainframe system through the IBM MQ Series transport mechanism.

Your first step in this process would be to define and configure the message that needs to be exchanged. In this case, you want to exchange contact information. In the Siebel database, the Contact business object contains several business components and each business component has several fields. You do not want to send all of this information to the external system. You want to choose only a subset of this information. You also want to determine the XML standards the external systems implement and obtain the right version of the XML standards schemas or DTDs.

The first task, therefore, is to use Siebel Tools to define the integration objects for the Contact contents in XML message you want to exchange. Siebel Tools provides an Integration Object Builder that walks you through the process of defining your integration objects. Once you define the message, you define what you want to do with this message.

You can now use the Siebel Workflow Process Manager to model this integration message flow to send the message to the external system. An integration message flow is a sequence of business services that are connected. For information on configuring messages, see:

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 Published: 18 April 2003