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Data Transformation

When performing the data transformation within the Siebel environment, you use two types of integration objects.

The Industry XML Transformation Engine performs the same function whether the data transformation is performed inside or outside of the Siebel environment. The Industry XML Converter and the transports also perform the same function, whether used within the Siebel environment or outside the Siebel environment. The only difference is that when used outside the Siebel environment, these business services perform operations on external integration object instances as opposed to performing operations on internal integration object instances when used within the Siebel environment.

Each of the Siebel Connectors for industry XML standards (IFX XML and ACORD XML) has a slightly different data transformation process that is specific to the industry that uses it. For more information about the data transformation process and connector configuration procedures, see Siebel Financial Services eAI Architecture Siebel Financial Services Connector for ACORD P&C and Surety Guide, and Siebel Financial Services Connector for IFX XML Guide.

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003