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Final Configuration of the Siebel CORBA Object Manager

After copying the latest version of your customized Siebel repository file (the .srf file) to the \OBJECTS\language subdirectory of each CORBA Object Manager installation, you may have to take additional steps to configure the Siebel CORBA OM.

These steps may be required or optional depending on which third-party CORBA software you are using and conventions of other CORBA software used in your organization. The additional steps relate to how the Siebel CORBA Object Manager will be started so that it is available for requests from client programs, and whether or not the Siebel CORBA Object Manager will publish the reference to its SiebelAppFactory object in the CORBA naming service.

NOTE:  This section assumes you have a detailed understanding of CORBA, the tools, and the utilities provided by your ORB vendor.

Before performing the final configuration, you must make a decision about the following:

There are several areas in which these decisions overlap:

If you are going to use the CORBA Naming Service, then you must use the persistent method. This is because the Siebel CORBA Object Manager registers its SiebelAppFactory object when it starts and removes it when it shuts down. Since the client (that uses the naming service) would not be able to invoke requests on that server unless it was running, you should not configure for automatic starting of servers.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003