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About Siebel CORBA Object Manager

The Siebel CORBA Object Manager is an alternative object manager; it allows you to access the Siebel Business Objects through a supported, industry-standard CORBA object request broker (ORB). The standard Application Object Manager is installed when you install your Siebel Servers.

Because the CORBA Object Manager is not installed as part of the standard Siebel Server installation, if you plan to use the CORBA interfaces, you must install the CORBA Object Manager on each server on which you plan to operate it.

The CORBA Object Manager does not require the creation of a Siebel Enterprise Server, or installation of a Siebel Gateway or Siebel Server. Rather, the CORBA Object Manager operates outside the Siebel Server infrastructure. Task instantiation and management, load-balancing, and other capabilities that are usually provided by the Siebel Enterprise Server infrastructure are instead provided by the CORBA environment.

Connectivity between client applications and CORBA Object Manager is provided by third-party CORBA software. For information on the specific CORBA products and versions supported by Siebel eBusiness Applications, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms. The CORBA Object Manager installation provides support for all supported third-party CORBA products.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003