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Verifying Network Connectivity for Siebel CORBA Object Manager

You must verify network connectivity between the server and the Siebel Database Server.

To verify network connectivity

  1. Use the test utility for your network type to verify that the Siebel Servers can access the database servers. For TCP/IP networks, you should use the ping utility.
  2. Verify connectivity to the Database Server:
    1. Choose Start >Programs >(IBM DB2) or (DB2 for Windows NT) >Command Window, and type:

    DB2 connect to Database Alias user user_ID using password


    database_alias is a valid database alias on DB2.

    user_ID is a valid user name on DB2.

    password is the appropriate password for that user name.

    If your connection is valid, you should see a message that looks like the following:

        Database Connection Information

      Database Server        = DB2/NT x.x.x
      SQL authorization ID   = SADMIN
      Database alias    =
    DB Alias

    If your connection is not valid, verify your configuration.

    CAUTION:  Be sure to use the Command Window for this procedure and not the Command Line Processor window that appears directly above it. The Command Line Processor window looks similar to a Command Window, but it uses slightly different syntax. For this procedure, the commands do not work in a Command Line Processor window; they must be issued in a Command Window.

    1. To close the connection, type db2 terminate.
    2. NOTE:  You can also use the DB2 Command Center GUI tool to do this.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003