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Installation Tasks for ChartWorks Server

The information in this section supplements the installation instructions provided by Visual Mining, Inc., which are provided in the Third-Party section of Siebel Bookshelf CD-ROM. It is not intended to replace them.

You may install the ChartWorks Server on any server that the Siebel Server can connect to through HTTP. Typically, it is installed on the Siebel Server. Install one ChartWorks Server per Enterprise, and, preferably, one ChartWorks Server per Siebel Server.

To install ChartWorks Server

  1. Insert the Windows Server Ancillary Programs CD 1 into the CD-ROM drive of the server on which you will install ChartWorks Server.
  2. Navigate to
  3. windows server ancillary\Thirdpty\chartworks\language\server\language\windows


    language is the three-letter code for the language of your Siebel eBusiness Applications product; for example, enu for U.S. English.

  4. To start the ChartWorks Server installer, double-click:
  5. ChartWorksServerx.xSIEBEL.exe.

  6. As you proceed from screen to screen using the installer, accept all defaults with the exception of the Select Components screen.
  7. On the Select Component screen, select only Server and Server Admin Console.
  8. Clear the other components listed.

  9. Copy the file DynamicChartResource.class, which is located with the Visual Mining ChartWorks Server installer, to the following directory:
  10. VISUALMINING_INSTALL_ROOT\ChartWorks Server 3.7.0\Server\root\classes\chartworks\es\resources

  11. Restart your computer.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003