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Reinstalling Central Dispatch

If you change the static IP address or hardware configuration, or install a new Windows service pack on a machine, you must reinstall Central Dispatch on that machine.

To reinstall Central Dispatch

  1. Stop all Siebel services and any Central Dispatch services on all nodes.
  2. Uninstall Central Dispatch from the console. See Resonate Central Dispatch Installation Guide, provided on the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.
  3. Perform the required network or hardware configuration on the affected node (or nodes).
  4. Reinstall Central Dispatch on the node (or nodes) on which you formerly had it installed, following the instructions provided earlier in this chapter.
  5. TIP:  Use the same Resonate Administrator password that was used previously.

  6. Verify that the installer has installed Central Dispatch in the correct location.
  7. Verify that the reconfigured node is part of the Central Dispatch site.
  8. If it is not, refer to Configuring the Central Dispatch Site.

  9. Start the Central Dispatch site, according to instructions in Configuring the Central Dispatch Site.
  10. Restart all Siebel services on all nodes.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003