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Creating Tablespaces

An Oracle Database running Siebel 7.5 requires that the DBA allocate a minimum of 3 GB of space. This space can be allocated as follows:

Allocate a minimum of 500 MB for rollback segment. Be aware that these can grow to as much as 1 GB in size.

This allocation suffices for a fresh installation of Oracle 8i (non-Unicode-enabled) or Oracle 9i (Unicode- or non-Unicode-enabled).

The following additional guidelines should help you in creating tablespaces:

NOTE:  In development or test environment, multiple Siebel eBusiness Application installations can co-exist on one Oracle instance. Each Siebel installation can be installed under one tableowner; for example, more than one test environment can share one Oracle instance.

To promote suitable initial sizing and successful installation

  1. Set the initial extent to a very small size (the minimum is one database block), so that empty tables and indexes do not consume large amounts of space. For example, start with either two or four blocks (in other words, 16 KB or 32 KB with an 8 KB block size). This promotes less fragmentation.
  2. NOTE:  Even if you have 10,000 objects, this uses only 312 MB, which is far less space required than for some standard office software packages.

  3. Set the default next extent for your data and index tablespaces to a minimum of 100 KB.
  4. Monitor object growth and fragmentation carefully.
  5. NOTE:  The Siebel software will automatically alter the storage parameters for certain objects as shown in the example below:
    alter table S_PROC_INST_LOG

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003