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Siebel Server Overview

The Siebel Server is the middle-tier platform that supports both back-end and interactive processes for all Siebel application clients. These processes are components within the Siebel Server architecture and support functions such as:

The Siebel Server supports both multi-process and multi-threaded components, and can operate components in background, batch, and interactive modes. Many of the Siebel Server components can operate on multiple Siebel Servers simultaneously to support increasing numbers of users, accommodate larger batch workloads, or increase the availability of those components.

Siebel Server System Service

The Siebel Server runs as a system service that monitors and controls the state of all server components operating on that Siebel Server. Each Siebel Server is an instantiation of the Siebel Server System Service within the current Enterprise. The Siebel Server runs as a Windows service. The installer needs permissions to create such services. For information on administering the Siebel Server System Service, see Siebel Server Administration Guide.

Resource Requirements for Siebel Server

Follow the hardware recommendations listed in System Requirements and Supported Platforms.

Siebel Server Manager

The Siebel Server Manager is the management console for the Siebel Server and Siebel Enterprise Server.

The Siebel Server Manager allows you to configure the parameters governing the operation of each component, and determine which Siebel Servers a given component can operate. Use the Siebel Server Manager to:

You can operate the Server Manager using one of two interfaces:

The Server Manager (both the GUI and the command-line interface) connects to the Siebel Gateway Name Server, which contains all availability and connectivity information for the Siebel Servers within the Enterprise. The Server Manager then connects with each of the servers and starts a Server Manager component task. For information on using the Server Manager, see Siebel Server Administration Guide. The Server Manager task on each Siebel Server:

NOTE:  Each session of Server Manager creates a separate Server Manager task. You thus create a new Server Manager task each time you access the Server Administration screens.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003