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Siebel File System and File System Manager Overview

The Siebel File System consists of a shared directory that is network-accessible to the Siebel Server. To gain access to files, Web clients connect directly to the appropriate Siebel Server to request file uploads or downloads. The Siebel Server then accesses the Siebel File System, using the File System Manager (FSM) server component. File System Manager processes these requests through interaction with the Siebel File System directory.

The File System may be installed on the same server as a Siebel Server or Siebel Database Server, or it may be on another network server that can share the directory, so that it is available to the Siebel Server. If the operating systems of the two machines are different (for example, one Windows and one UNIX), you may need to deploy a cross-platform mounting tool to allow both machines to share the directory.

When using Siebel Mobile Web Client in connected mode (also known as the Dedicated Web Client), you may, in some cases, want to connect directly to the Siebel File System. (For examples of these cases, their potential ramifications, and for client setup instructions in each case, see Siebel Web Client Administration Guide.)

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003