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Planning the Siebel Directory Structure

You must plan where to install the various Siebel components on your servers, as well as how to install multiple versions, if your organization requires this for testing purposes.

Installing Multiple Versions of Siebel eBusiness Applications

If you are installing multiple versions of Siebel eBusiness Applications, each must be installed in a unique directory. You should use a naming convention that reflects the components and the version number being installed.

CAUTION:  You can only install Siebel Gateway, Siebel Server, Database Server, Report Server Access, and EAI connectors in the same root directory. When installing multiple products into the same root directory, be sure that all products match the same release and patch level. You can install additional languages, but you cannot install additional products into a root directory after applying a patch. You must reapply the patch after you install additional languages.

Installing One Version of Siebel eBusiness Applications

Under Windows, the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard automatically installs each server or other component of a Siebel Enterprise Server on a single computer in a unique directory. Therefore, you need not specify a different directory path when installing the Siebel Gateway Name Server and the Siebel Server on the same machine.

CAUTION:  The Siebel Enterprise Server entity installers for Windows use C:\sea7xx\ as the default installation directory (also referred to as SIEBEL_ROOT within this guide). You must choose a unique directory name to override this default during the installation of each component, or all your components will be installed in the same directory and your installation will fail.

Windows Temp file names may not have spaces in them; otherwise, your installation will fail.

To verify the name of your temp file

  1. From a DOS command prompt, enter set temp.
  2. Edit your file name, if needed.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003