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Installing in Console Mode

The following procedures describe installation of the Siebel application in console mode.

NOTE:  Because there is no Browse button in console mode, you should note the paths for both your base CD and your language CD installation executables, so that you can enter this information when prompted (for example, E:\windows_server_ses_lang\ses\language\setup.exe).

To install in console mode

  1. Insert the Windows Server Programs; for example, for SES insert the Siebel Enterprise Server Base CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of the server.
  2. From a DOS prompt, navigate to the main installer directory.
  3. Execute the following command:
  4. setup.exe -is:javaconsole -console -arg ss_setup_ini = main installer siebel.ini path


    main installer siebel.ini path is the full path to the main installer siebel.ini file.

    For example, setup.exe -is:javaconsole -console -args SS_SETUP_INI=d:\temp\siebel.ini

    The console mode installation script appears. Refer to the installation-specific chapters in this guide for reference regarding the definition of specific prompts.

    NOTE:  Configuration is not supported in console mode. To configure Siebel Server products, you need to launch the Configuration Wizard. Information about using the Configuration Wizard to configure products is provided in subsequent chapters.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003