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Setting the Language Characteristics of Your Database

As part of database creation, you must set the language characteristics of your database, even if you deploy in only one language.

Sort Order

The sort order is a characteristic that requires special consideration regarding the Siebel Database. On MS SQL Server, the sort order of a database instance is specified during database creation and defines the way in which the instance will sort character data.

Although each SQL Server system database and each object within a database can have its own unique sort order, it is recommended that you set the sort order at the database instance level only.

Siebel support for a given sort order depends on both the code page of the database and whether it will be used in a development or a production environment.

Development Environment Databases

Repository object names in your development environment database must sort using binary sort order. Otherwise, repository merges during future upgrades of the Siebel Database will fail. For more information on supported sort orders, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms, available on SupportWeb.

CAUTION:  When installing MS SQL Server, the instance is set by default to dictionary sort order and, if not changed, every database inherits this setting. The master database cannot be changed without rebuilding the instance. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the instance sort order be set to binary at installation time. Please consult your Microsoft documentation for instructions on setting this.

Production Environment Databases

It is strongly recommended that you use binary sort order in production databases as well for performance reasons. For information on production environment database restrictions, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms available on SupportWeb.

NOTE:  Customers are responsible for ensuring that their data is backed up and restored correctly.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003