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Installing Multilingual Seed Data on Database Server on DB2

If your organization deploys internationally and, therefore, requires data to be in multiple languages, you must install multilingual seed data (for example, lists of views, responsibilities, or system preferences). To do this, you add new language packs to your database after you have installed the primary(base) language for your database server. This populates the List of Values (LOV) with seed data in the new language.

Only after you successfully install seed data in your primary(base) language, can you add seed data in other languages to your database. Adding this seed data also adds new LOV data in the new language.

CAUTION:  You cannot add secondary languages to the Siebel Database for an Siebel Enterprise Server unless you have already installed them on the associated Siebel Server.

To install multilingual seed data

  1. Follow the instructions under Installing the Database Server Software for DB2, using the CD for the new language that you want to install.
  2. On the Existing Installations Found screen, select the database instance to which you want to add the language.
  3. When installation is complete, launch the Database Server Configuration Wizard and repeat Step 1 through Step 9 under Installing Database Server Components on DB2.
  4. The Select Installation Operation screen appears.

  5. On the Select Installation Operation screen, select Add a language to an existing Siebel Database, and then click Next.
  6. The Base Language screen appears.

  7. On the Base Language screen, select the language in which you want your Siebel Database to run, primarily, and click Next. This is called your "base" language.
  8. The Repository Name screen appears.

  9. On the Repository Name screen, type the name of the repository you created earlier or accept the default name, and then click Next.
  10. NOTE:  To add seed data in a new language to your database, you must have already imported your repository in its primary(base) language.

    NOTE:  To rerun the Upgrade Wizard at the point a program failed or a system error occurred, following installation of multilingual seed data, you must navigate to \siebsrvr\bin\ and enter: siebupg.exe /m master_install_LANG.ucf

  11. Enable the multilingual list of values (MLOV) capability within Siebel eBusiness Applications. For information, see Siebel Tools Reference.

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 Published: 25 June 2003