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Reviewing the Log Files for Importing Repository on MS SQL Server

The repository import process creates a number of log files, such as UpgWiz.log and UpgWiz_01.log (which increments to additional logs) within the SIEBEL_ROOT/log subdirectory, which you must review for any errors. Further log files are created when the upgrade wizard encounters a problem and the user attempts a retry.

When you import a repository with a new language, it creates the following special log files:


Acceptable Errors

The log files may include errors that are expected and benign. Compare any error messages found in the log files to the sample error messages in the errors.rtf file, which is located in the database server platform subdirectory, for example, MSSQL. (If a log file is not listed in the errors.rtf file, then there are no acceptable error messages for that log file.) No further action is required if the log files contain errors listed in the errors.rtf file.

NOTE:  Only one of each type of error occurring in a particular log file appears in the errors.rtf file.

If you find errors not listed in the errors.rtf file, correct the condition that caused the errors, and rerun the Upgrade Wizard.

Do not review error numbers alone, since these may have changed following installation of a new driver version. Instead, compare the actual error descriptions to find out which are acceptable errors for this platform.

CAUTION:  Although other errors are rarely encountered, this review is critical. Certain errors, such as a failure to create indexes, may result in performance problems or anomalous behavior in Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Troubleshooting Importing Siebel Repository on MS SQL Server

Typical problems that may occur at this stage consist of the following:

The above errors should appear in the log files produced by the repository import process.

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 Published: 25 June 2003