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Uninstalling Siebel 7.x

Review the following procedure when uninstalling Siebel 7.x server software.

To uninstall all servers

  1. Use one of the following methods to invoke the Uninstaller:
  2. To confirm uninstallation, click Next.
  3. Select the products from the menu that you want to uninstall and click Next.
  4. NOTE:  You can choose to uninstall all server products at the same time, or you can choose to uninstall products individually.

    The Uninstaller displays the name of each server, individually, that you selected for uninstallation and its location, including the file size.

  5. Indicate which of the following you want to uninstall by selecting one or both check boxes, and click Next:
  6. On the Gateway Name Server screen, indicate the following, and then click Next:
  7. Gateway Name Server. Type the name of the Gateway Name Server you are uninstalling.

    Siebel Enterprise. Type the name of this Siebel Enterprise.

    The Siebel Server screen appears.

  8. Confirm the name of the Siebel Server displayed as the one for removal and click Next.
  9. If this is not the name of the server you want to remove, type the correct name.

    The Server Removal Options screen appears.

  10. Indicate which services you want removed from the registry by either accepting the defaults, or deselecting a service, and click Next.
  11. The Configuration Parameter Review screen appears.

  12. Review these values for accuracy.
    1. If you need to correct any values, click Previous to back out through the configuration screens until you reach the location of the false value.
    2. When you have corrected the error, click Next until you reach the list on this screen again.
    3. When you are satisfied, click Finish.
    4. NOTE:  You may see additional prompts asking whether you want to uninstall specific files or continue with removal of a modified installation.

      The Uninstaller displays a message that the Uninstallation Wizard has successfully removed those products.

  13. Click Finish.
  14. If prompted, restart your server.
  15. NOTE:  You do not need to stop the Siebel Server; the Uninstallation Wizard does this. If you do stop the Siebel Server and uninstall, you will receive an error message:
    Errors were encountered while changing the configuration in the following steps: RmNSDef, RmNSEntDef

You can use srvredit, a command line utility, to remove a Siebel Server from the Siebel Enterprise Server as follows:

srvredit /g SiebelGateway /e SiebelEnterprise /s SiebelServer /x $Server

You can also use srvredit to remove a Siebel Enterprise as follows:

srvredit /g SiebelGateway /e SiebelEnterprise /x $Enterprise

NOTE:  You cannot use srvredit to remove files.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003