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Troubleshooting Web Server Extension Installation

This section provides suggestions for troubleshooting problems you may encounter when installing the Web Server Extension.

Problem: After installation, when launching the zero-footprint client, a message appears, stating:

Page Cannot be displayed

Cause: Virtual directories were not installed or configured properly.

Solution: Refresh the connection between your browser and the Web site.

  1. Make sure that the Local Path for the virtual directories is correct. This should be the following:
  2. \SIEBEL_ROOT\SWEApp\PUBLIC\language

  3. If you are trying to test a self-created virtual directory, make sure that you added the sweiis.dll parameter to your virtual directory, since this parameter allows communication with the Siebel Server. For information, see Adding a New Virtual Directory to IIS.
  4. Make sure that the AnonUser specified in the eapps.cfg file is also specified in the database with the correct responsibilities. Otherwise, you cannot access the Home page.
  5. Make sure that the connect string for the Siebel eBusiness Application is correct. Otherwise, a message similar to the following appears:
  6. ConnectString = siebel.TCPIP.none.NONE://server name:2320
    /siebel/ProductNameObjMgr_language/server name

Problem: Your Siebel eBusiness Application hangs or times out.

Cause: Appropriate parameters not available within the [default] section of the eapps.cfg file for the Siebel eBusiness Application.

Solution: Make sure that the defaults section of the eapps.cfg file contains the Employee Login value (for example, sadmin\DatabaseName).

Problem: After stopping the IIS Admin Services, an error message appears:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Cause: Stopping the IIS Admin Service from Component Services in the Windows Control Panel creates an error.

Solution: Open a DOS command window and issue the following command to release all resources used by services, such as inetinfo.exe and dllhost.exe:


If, after doing this, you still cannot start the Siebel applications, you must restart the machine.

Problem: Inability to access the Web client. The browser status bar may display errors such as SWESubmitOnEnter is undefined and the login page may appear to hang.

Solution: Grant the IWAM and IUSR user accounts write permission to the SWEAPP_ROOT directory.

Problem: After installation, when launching the zero-footprint client, the login page does not display properly. For example, images may be missing.

Cause: The user does not have proper permissions to the SWEAPP_ROOT\public\lang directory.

Solution: Grant read, write, and execute to permissions to all users. In addition, grant read, write, and execute permissions to the anonuser specified in the eapps.cfg file.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003