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Configuring Siebel Wireless Template Files and XSL Stylesheets

Siebel Wireless applets and views are associated with a series of wireless template files contained in the siebsrvr/WEBTMPL directory that is created automatically during the installation of the Siebel Server. These templates govern the presentation of Siebel Wireless data to users and are used to create WML or XML files, depending on the browser type.

These wireless templates reference a series of XSL stylesheets, which are processed by the XSLT business service if XML is determined to be the markup language for the request. These XSL stylesheets are also contained in the siebsrvr/WEBTMPL directory, and are designed to render Siebel Wireless applications in HTML.

The new Web Browser Administration and user agent detection capabilities of Siebel eBusiness Applications are used in two ways by Siebel Wireless applications:

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 Published: 09 September 2004