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About Siebel Wireless

Siebel Wireless brings together wireless communications, the Internet, and Siebel eBusiness content to allow organizations to communicate with customers, partners, and employees through a wireless channel. Siebel Wireless applications include:

Users typically connect to Siebel Wireless by entering the URL in their mobile device's Web browser and bookmarking the site. Users can return to the site any time by selecting the bookmark.

Before using Siebel Wireless, users must authenticate by providing a valid user name and password, just as they would if using another type of Siebel client. Once connected to the database, users interact with the browser-based application by pressing the keys on their mobile device.

Siebel Wireless users can view, edit and create information in their companies' Siebel database. For example, they can:

NOTE:  Siebel Wireless Messaging is a separately-licensed Siebel product option that lets you push alerts and notifications to employees, partners, and customers who use wireless devices and receive responses from them. For detailed information, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

Siebel Wireless uses the same set of business objects, the same development toolset (Siebel Tools), and the same logical data model as all other Siebel eBusiness Applications. Specifically, Siebel Wireless takes advantage of prebuilt wireless thin client templates and views and Siebel Systems Web-based architecture to deliver wireless access to Siebel content and data.

Siebel Wireless includes the license for Siebel Mobile Connector, through which you can develop additional voice, wireless, and other applications. The Siebel Mobile Connector is a standards-based API delivering well-formed XML from an optimized Siebel application definition. This gives the calling application a definition of user interface and user data in XML format.

Siebel partner and customer application developers can give mobile users real-time or near real-time access to Siebel eBusiness information through a variety of mobile devices, access to external data sources, and additional capabilities. For additional details, see Siebel Mobile Connector.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004