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About Installing Siebel Wireless

Siebel Wireless applications are separately-licensed Siebel product options that are integrated into the architecture of Siebel applications, sharing the same Siebel Server, tool set (Siebel Tools), and installer as the rest of the Siebel eBusiness Applications suite.

As such, this document focuses on the incremental steps required to enable Siebel Wireless as part of installing the Siebel eBusiness Applications suite, along with setup and configuration considerations specific to the Siebel Wireless product options.

Siebel Wireless generally supports the platforms supported by other Siebel eBusiness applications. Specific exceptions for Siebel Wireless are noted where appropriate. See Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms for your Siebel application for general information on supported platforms and installation instructions for Siebel eBusiness applications.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004