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Required Siebel Component Groups for Siebel Wireless

The Siebel Wireless component group must be deployed within the Siebel Server to gain access to the application functionality.

This component group can be deployed during the installation of the Siebel Server, or it can be deployed after the Siebel Server has been installed. See the Siebel Server Installation Guide for the operating system you are using for additional details on deploying component groups after the Siebel Server has been installed.

Siebel Correspondence uses a Siebel Document server to display documents through the Web from other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus WordPro, and Lotus Freelance Graphics. Correspondence in Siebel Wireless requires that a Siebel Document server be operating as host for one instance of the eDocuments component group.

The Siebel Document server supports Windows 2000 and XP platforms.

For information about setting up the document server, see Applications Administration Guide.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004