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Connecting and Logging Into Siebel Wireless

To start using Siebel Wireless, connect to the Siebel Server and log in using your standard Siebel user name and password.

These steps assume that Siebel Wireless has been configured to require users to enter both a User ID and Password to log in. If the Auto Login feature has been enabled, Siebel Wireless users may be required to enter only a password to log in, or instead to enter no login information at all.

To connect to the Siebel Server and log in

  1. Enter the URL for Siebel Wireless into the device's browser.

    You can get this URL from your Siebel administrator, the person who set up Siebel Wireless for your enterprise. If your device allows it, you can create a bookmark for this URL for future use.

  2. When prompted for a User ID, enter your standard Siebel user name.
  3. Use the browser's soft key to choose OK.
  4. If necessary, scroll down to the Password field.
  5. When prompted for a password, enter your regular Siebel password.

    NOTE:  Password entry may be case sensitive. For information about switching between lowercase and uppercase letters, see the manual for the device.

  6. Use the browser's soft key to choose OK.
  7. Choose the Submit link.

    If login is successful, the name and main menu of the appropriate Siebel Wireless application appear.

    After you log in, the session is maintained with Siebel Wireless until you log off or until the Siebel Server or the wireless server terminates the session. (The wireless server is configured by the mobile operator or by the administrator.) An incoming or outgoing phone call or loss of coverage should not terminate the Siebel Wireless session.

    NOTE:  Different carriers adhere to different session management rules. For example, with one carrier, users logging in automatically return to the end of their previous session, whereas with another carrier users are returned to the main menu regardless of where they left off in their previous session. Contact your carrier or IT department for more information.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004