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Entering Text in Siebel Wireless

You enter text into Siebel Wireless as you normally do on the mobile device, with a few exceptions. This section lists these exceptions and includes additional tips for entering data.

General Tips


Clearing Text

If you make a mistake and want to delete a character, use the clear command provided by the mobile device and browser. For example, the right soft key may work like a backspace key, deleting the character before the cursor.

Entering Dates

The screen label indicates how to enter dates. For American English versions, for example:

Entering Times

The screen label indicates how to enter times. For American English versions, for example:

Entering Phone Numbers

The screen label indicates how to enter phone numbers. When entering a phone number, do not enter any dashes and parentheses. Siebel Wireless automatically inserts these symbols.

Entering Currency

When entering currency, Siebel Wireless allows you to enter only numbers. Symbols (such as $), commas, and decimals are automatically added, based on the settings configured for the Siebel Server. In its default configuration, Siebel Wireless allows only whole currency (for example, dollars) and not fractional currency (such as cents) to be entered.

Currency symbols and commas are accepted when you enter the amount, but they are not displayed after the value is entered. A decimal point is required for fractional currency values, and it is displayed after the value is entered. If you mistakenly enter an alphabetic character between two digits in the number, an error message appears on the device with instructions for changing the entry. Alphabetic characters before or after a number are ignored.

Primary Contacts and Accounts

Using the wireless application, the first account added to a new contact (or the first contact added to a new account) is set to Primary. If a contact or an account has already been designated as Primary, a new contact or account is not Primary. You can change these designations using the Web client, but not using the wireless device.

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 Published: 09 September 2004