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Allowing Accounts and Contacts to Use Purchase Orders

Corporate customers can use purchase orders to buy from your Siebel eSales Web site. Web Corporate Users who want to make purchases may not have the authority to assign a purchase order number and approve the purchase for their company. Siebel eSales allows Web Corporate Users to complete the checkout process without providing a purchase order number. When this happens, the PO Status is set to Pending and the Order Status is set to Awaiting Approval. This happens even if the order amount is less than the Auto-Approval Limit set on the account. The order is then routed through the order approval process.

The Web Purchasing Manager within the buying organization can review orders that are awaiting approval through the My Company's Orders screen. The Web Purchasing Manager can then provide a purchase order number and change the Order Status to Approved.

To enable Web Corporate Users to buy with purchase orders, the PO Approved flag must be set for both:

There is no inheritance from an account to its contacts.

NOTE:  The Web Purchasing Manager must also be assigned a user type of Web Purchasing Manager and the Web Corporate User responsibility. For more information, see Setting Up Default Responsibilities and User Types.

To set the purchase order approval flag for an account

  1. Click the Accounts tab.
  2. Select an account.
  3. Click the show more button on the Account Detail form under the More Info tab.
  4. Select the PO Approved check box.

The Web Delegated Customer Administrator in the buying organization can set purchase order approval for particular users within the buying organization through the User Administration view. In the selling organization, an employee can also set the purchase order approval flag in the Account Detail - Contacts view.

To set the purchase order approval flag for a user

  1. Navigate to the User Administration screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select Users.
  3. In the All Users list, select a user.
  4. In the More Info form, select the PO Approved check box.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003