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Creating Categories

Categories are created in the Catalog Administration screen under Categories. They are displayed on the Siebel eSales Web site in ascending order by their Sequence field.

To create a category

  1. Navigate to Catalog Administration.
  2. The Catalogs list appears.

  3. Click the Name hyperlink for the catalog to which you wish to add categories.
  4. The Categories list displays the categories belonging to that catalog.

  5. Add a new record.
  6. The Categories form appears under the More Info tab.

  7. Fill in the fields listed in the following table, and then click Save.
  8. Field
    Display Name
    Required. Name that the Siebel eSales Web site visitor sees.
    Sequence in which categories are displayed, in ascending order starting with 0.
    Brief description of the category.
    Effective Start Date
    Date when the category becomes available for use.
    Effective End Date
    Date when the category stops being available.
    Check the box to make the category available.
    Check the box if you do not want the category to inherit access properties from its parent category.
    If the parent category has been marked private, this category also must be private.
    Type of category. Choose one from the picklist.
    Display Template
    Template for displaying the category on the Siebel eSales Web site. Choose one from the drop-down list.
    For more information, see Setting Display Templates for Categories.
    Image file associated with the category.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003