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Full-Text Search

Siebel eSearch is the deployment of Siebel Search used for customer applications. It allows users to scan database tables and documents for pertinent information. Siebel Search uses Hummingbird SearchServer, a high-performance indexing and retrieval search engine. Siebel Search is included with every license of a Siebel application.

Siebel eSales includes a Siebel eSearch form that uses the Hummingbird SearchServer engine to scan database tables and documents in the Siebel File System. Users can perform searches from any screen.

Database records and documents in the Siebel file system that contain the criterion text are returned in the Search Results list. Search results are ranked according to relevance and sorted according to rank. Users can click on a linked field to see the detail for a record.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003