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Installing CyberSource on Windows

NOTE:  The drive on which you install CyberSource software must have a temporary directory, for example C:\temp. If the drive does not have a temporary directory, CyberSource will not function correctly.

To install CyberSource on Windows

  1. Extract the .zip file to a directory called Cybersource on the same drive where the Siebel Server is installed, for example C:\Cybersource.
  2. Choose Start > Programs > Command Prompt.
  3. The Command Prompt appears.

  4. Go to C:\Cybersource and type the following:
  5. install <merchant ID> C:\Cybersource

    The software is installed.

  6. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > System.
  7. The System Properties dialog box appears.

  8. On Windows NT, click the Environment tab. On Windows 2000, click the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables.
  9. The Environment Variables dialog box appears.

  10. Add the variable ICSPATH and set it to C:\CyberSource.
  11. Add C:\CyberSource and C:\CyberSource\lib to the system Path variable.
  12. Restart the Siebel Server.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003