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Installing Taxware Applications on UNIX

Siebel supports the use of Taxware software on the Solaris and AIX platforms.

For information on installing Taxware, see your Taxware documentation. For information on which versions of Taxware are supported by Siebel applications, see the system requirements and supported platforms documentation for your Siebel application.

NOTE:  The drive on which Taxware applications are installed should have at least
1 GB of free disk space. Over time, the sizes of Taxware applications increase as log files and tax certificates are generated.

To install Taxware on UNIX

  1. Copy the installation tar file from Taxware to the Siebel Server, for example to siebel.tar.
  2. Create a directory on the Siebel Server for installing Taxware, for example taxware.
  3. Use the following command to extract the structure into the new directory just created:
  4. tar xvf siebel.tar

  5. Add the following variables to the .cshrc file:
  6. setenv TAXWAREHOME = "<Taxware_directory>"

    setenv TOOLKITEXE "$TAXWAREHOME/toolkit"

    setenv TOOLKITOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv AVPIN "$TAXWAREHOME/indata"

    setenv AVPOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv AVPTEMP "$TAXWAREHOME/temp"

    setenv AVPAUDIT "$TAXWAREHOME/audit"

    setenv ZIPIN "$TAXWAREHOME/indata"

    setenv ZIPOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv ZIPTEMP "$TAXWAREHOME/temp"

    setenv ZIPAUDIT "$TAXWAREHOME/audit"

    setenv STEPIN "$TAXWAREHOME/indata"

    setenv STEPOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv STEPTEMP "$TAXWAREHOME/temp"

    setenv STEPAUDIT "$TAXWAREHOME/audit"

    setenv WTIN "$TAXWAREHOME/indata"

    setenv WTOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv WTTEMP "$TAXWAREHOME/temp"

    setenv WTAUDIT "$TAXWAREHOME/audit"

    setenv WTDB "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv WTSYSTEM "$TAXWAREHOME/indata"

    setenv WTOUT "$TAXWAREHOME/outdata"

    setenv WTCOUNTRY "GB"



    setenv ERRMSGPATH "$TAXWAREHOME/lang/eng"

  7. Add the following to $path: $TAXWAREHOME, $TAXWAREHOME/toolkit, and $TAXWAREHOME/utl.
  9. For the AIX platform, add $TAXWAREHOME/utl to LIBPATH.
  10. Save the .cshrc file.
  11. Enter the following command:
  12. source .cshrc

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003