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Enabling Tax Calculation with WORLDTAX

To use the WORLDTAX System with Siebel eSales, you need to have company information defined in the WORLDTAX Toolkit and on the Siebel Server.

To enable tax calculation with WORLDTAX

  1. In the WORLDTAX Toolkit, define your Company ID and Business Location, for example SIEBEL_FR and FR (France).
  2. In your Siebel application, navigate to Server Administration > Components > Component Parameters and set the following parameters for the eSales Object Manager:
  3. SalesTaxCompanyID = Company ID
    SalesTaxCompanyLoc = Company Location
    SalesTaxType = Taxware
    SalesTaxEnable = TRUE

  4. In Siebel Tools, modify the user properties of the Tax - Configuration (Taxware) integration object, shown in the following table.
  5. Integration Object User Property
    ISO country code of the ship-from country (for example, FR for France)

    SHIPFROMCOUNTRY can also be passed dynamically by modifying the Tax Integration (Siebel Quote Output) integration object and the data map to the Tax Integration (Taxware Input) integration object.

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 Published: 18 April 2003