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Setting Up Downloads, Documentation, and Product Literature

Siebel eService provides customers with access to all product documentation, product literature, and software downloads and updates (collectively referred to as Siebel literature). The literature can be provided in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, executable files, and dynamic link library files.

Customers who have registered their products can immediately access all the literature for their products without having to perform a search. From the eService portal, customers can select My Account > My Products and see a list of all the products that they have registered. When customers click a product name, a list of all the literature linked to that product is immediately displayed.

Types of Literature

The literature displayed is organized by type. There are three types of literature:

Users can perform searches within each type of literature. For example, the customer can search through the list of software patches using a variety of criteria.

Customers can also access literature for products they have not registered. If anonymous users are allowed access to the system, they can also access literature. The Self Service section of the eService portal has links for each literature type. The customer clicks the link for the literature type, and can then use a search feature to locate a literature item or select from the list that is displayed of the most popular literature items of that given type.

Making Literature Available to Customers

To make literature available to customers though Siebel eService, you must perform the following tasks:

To add Literature Items to Siebel eService

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Document Administration > Literature.
  2. From the Literature form, click New. A blank line is added in the list.
  3. Complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.
  4. Field
    The title of the literature item. This name is displayed to the customer in Siebel eService.
    File Name
    Clicking in this field displays a select button. Click select and the Add Attachment window appears. You can type the full path of the file or click the browse button to navigate to the file and select it. Alternatively, if the file is available on a Web server, you can select the file by specifying its URL in the URL field.
    Information about the literature.
    Literature Type
    Clicking this field provides a drop-down list. This list contains other values that are not used in literature administration. You must select one of the three literature types: documentation, product literature, or downloads. Do not select any of the other literature types from the drop-down list. They are used by other Siebel applications.

Once you have added the literature item, the item should be associated with a product or a category of the eService Category Catalog.

To associate literature with a product

  1. Make sure that the item of literature is selected in the list in the Literature list applet.
  2. Select the More Info tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click the select button in the Products field.
  4. The Associated Products window appears.

  5. Click New. A list of products appears.
  6. Query and select one or more products to associate with the literature item.

If desired, you can also associate literature with a Siebel catalog category. (For more information on Catalogs and Categories, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.)

To associate literature with a catalog category

  1. Select the literature item from the list in the Literature form.
  2. Click the Category tab below the literature applet. If the literature is already associated with any catalog categories, the categories are displayed in the list.
  3. Click New.
  4. The Add Subcategories window appears.

  5. Query for any of the eService Catalog Categories.

NOTE:  Siebel eService is preconfigured to display items only in the eService Catalog categories.

 Siebel eService Administration Guide 
 Published: 22 May 2003