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Oracle® Universal Content Management
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Command Caching

CIS features a robust command caching mechanism that allows users to turn on/off caching for different commands and allows users to specify a timeout value for the cache and the size of the cache. The caching mechanism allows a command to be tied to a content server subject so that when a subject change happens, the command cache is expired. Finally, it provides the idea of either sharing the cache with all users or isolating the caching resources to a single user.

When a command is cached, the request is intercepted by the CIS layer and an already existing response for that request is returned through the system. This implies that there are less round-trips to the content server as many of the requests will be handled before reaching the content server.

All data is cached per command; there is no sharing of data between commands. The cache data can live in one of two caches: a user cache or a global cache. A user cache is a cache that only the current user can access. It is determined by the ICommand.getUser() return value; all command requests, for a given command, that return the same value will share the same cache.

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