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CIS uses the Apache Commons Logging framework for logging bundled with the log4j implementation of the Apache Commons framework. Thus, all logging calls are routed to the log4j system. The log4j system is controlled by an XML file that describes which log categories will be displayed.

Refer to the Apache documentation for more information:

The cis-logging.xml log4j configuration file is located in the /conf directory of the unbundled distribution file. This directory also contains the adapterconfig.xml file and should be in your Classpath.

Using the defaults entries, only CIS warnings and some important information are displayed upon startup. All logging calls are routed to both the application System.out (i.e. to the console) and outputs to the /bin/scsadapter.log file:

Example (default entry):

<param name="File" value="scsadapter.log"/>

For logging in a servlet, add the following to the XML file:

<category name=my_servlet additivity=false>
  <priority value=debug/>
  <appender-ref ref=ALL/>

Logging Categories

This table provides some important categories for CIS logging. In general, the categories correspond to the class names where the log message originated.

Category Description
com.stellent.cis The root category; should catch all the CIS-related messages. Note that most messages are at a DEBUG or INFO level; set to WARN to only get actual warnings or errors.
com.stellent.cis.impl.CISApplication Category used to print out the initialization banner. Set this to INFO to see the startup banner.
com.stellent.cis.server.api.scs Category for all the content server interactions. Set this to INFO or DEBUG to see logging related to pooling, communication, etc.The DEBUG level returns the most logging.
com.stellent.cis.server.api.scs.protocol.impl. HDAProtocol.write Category to see what is written to the content server.
com.stellent.cis.server.api.scs.protocol.impl. Category to see what is read from the content server.