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Oracle® Universal Content Management
10g Release 3 (
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Browse Commands

From this page you can browse the CIS commands. This allows you to view command information and also execute a command.

To execute a command

  1. Select an API to browse (e.g. Active).

  2. Select an API category (e.g., administrative).

  3. Select a command (e.g., administrative.pingServer).

  4. Click the Method name (e.g., pingServer).

  5. Enter the required parameters:

  6. User ID: An authorized content server User ID (e.g., sysadmin).

  7. Adapter: Select an adapter from the drop-down list.

  8. Credentials: The content server password (e.g., idc).

  9. Other parameters as applicable (for example, Document ID, monitoredSubjects, monitoredTopics, etc.).

  10. Click Execute Command.