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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Web Parts Product Overview

Web parts is a term used to describe functionality such as that provided by basic portlets, similar to the Content Portlet Suite currently available. Web Parts product technology enables users to interact with a Content Server using Microsoft's SharePoint technology by using these web parts.

The major components involved in a typical installation include:

Two primary use cases exist for the combination of the Web Parts product and SharePoint:

The web parts also provide for the use of both a SharePoint content repository and a Content Server repository. Content items can be moved between the two systems. This allows consumers who are familiar with SharePoint to interact with the Content Server through a known interface, thus making it easier to contribute and search for content.

After installation, the Web Parts product provides a navigation tree on the SharePoint system with functionality available through web parts. The following is a brief description of this functionality. See Chapter 3, "Using Web Parts" for details on using each of these options.

The following menu items are also available to those users logged in as an Administrator:

Many of these menu options have additional options available. For example, if a user clicks an item's icon a menu is displayed with actions available for that option. See Chapter 3, "Using Web Parts" for details about the functionality of each option.