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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Installation Overview

The Web Parts product is installed using an Installer program on the SharePoint server. You should choose the correct version of the installer for your Windows operating system. For x86 based operating systems, choose the folder WebPartsInstall. If you are installing on a Windows 64bit based operating system, choose the folder “WebPartsInstall (64bit)”. This process installs the following components:

After running the Installer, you must also install and enable components on the Content Server in order to complete the installation and configure the system for use. See "Installing Additional Components" for details.

After installing the Windows components steps must be taken to configure file level security access for Windows 2008 Server. This and other security related topics are covered in Appendix C: Security Considerations.

For complete details about supported software see your Content Server and SharePoint documentation.

The Web Parts product can only be used with SharePoint Server 2007. You must install Content Server version 10gR3 or newer..

For detailed information about supported operating systems, as well as special considerations for specific operating systems, see the Content Server installation guides.