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Oracle® Identity Manager Upgrade Guide
Release 9.1.0 ( Upgrade)

Part Number E13340-01
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G Generating GPA Snapshots

Group snapshots must be generated in either of the following scenarios:

The group snapshots must be generated only after user snapshots have been generated.

See Also:

Oracle Identity Manager Audit Report Developer's Guide for detailed information about generating group snapshots

To generate new snapshots:

  1. In a text editor, open the GenerateGPASnapshot script located in the OIM_HOME/xellerate/bin/ directory. For Microsoft Windows, open GenerateGPASnapshot.bat. For UNIX, open

  2. Edit the following variables in the GenerateGPASnapshot script:

    1. Modify the set APP_SERVER=@appserver variable as follows:

      JBoss Application Server:

      set APP_SERVER=jboss

      For BEA WebLogic Server:

      set APP_SERVER=weblogic

      For IBM WebSphere Application Server:

      set APP_SERVER=websphere

      Oracle Application Server:

      set APP_SERVER=oracle
    2. Modify the set APP_SERVER_HOME=@app_server_home variable to point to the directory in which you installed the application server. Modify the set JAVA_HOME=@jdk_loc variable to point to the directory containing the JDK.

  3. Run one of the following GenerateGPASnapshot scripts as appropriate for the operating system on the Oracle Identity Manager host computer:

    For Microsoft Windows, run:


    For UNIX, run: