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Oracle® Identity Manager Globalization Guide
Release 9.1.0

Part Number E10364-01
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1 About Oracle Identity Manager Globalization

Globalization support in Oracle Identity Manager enables you to deploy Oracle Identity Manager by using supported languages and country locales from around the world. Globalization of software applications consists of two aspects, internationalization and localization, as described in the following topics:

Understanding Internationalization

Internationalization is the process of adapting products for use with other languages, nations, and cultures. The internationalization of software applications includes the following tasks:

Localizing Oracle Identity Manager

Localization is the process of preparing an internationalized software application for a specific market, and includes the following tasks:

In release 9.1.0, Oracle Identity Manager has been localized into the following languages:

When you use the Oracle Identity Manager Administrative and User Console, if your browser locale is set to one of these supported languages, then the text displayed on the console is in the same language. In other words, depending on their browser locale setting, users in your organization can view text displayed on the Administrative and User Console in different languages. Users who set the browser locale to French see console text in French, users with the German browser locale setting see console text in German, and so on.


Localized display of text in the Oracle Identity Manager Design Console is not supported.

During installation, you select the language that you want from a list of the supported languages. This language selection is applied at two places for the entire Oracle Identity Manager installation: