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Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Administrator's and Developer's Guide
Part Number E12188-01
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Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher Administration


Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) offers you the most efficient, scalable reporting solution available for complex, distributed environments. It provides a central architecture for generating and delivering information to employees, customers, and suppliers—both securely and in the right format. Oracle BI Publisher reduces the high costs associated with the development, customization and maintenance of business documents, while increasing the efficiency of reports management.

Administering BI Publisher requires setting up and maintaining the following system components:

About the Security Model Options

BI Publisher offers the following security options:

For more information on the supported security models, see Defining a Security Model.

About Integrations with Other Oracle Products

Oracle BI Publisher enables you to integrate with the following Oracle products:

For more information on supported integrations, see Setting Up Integrations.

About the Data Source Connections

BI Publisher reports rely on XML data. BI Publisher supports a variety of data sources from which you can supply XML data. The data can come from any of the following sources:

If you have integrated your system with Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Discoverer you can also take advantage of the following data sources:

For more information on setting up data source connections, see Setting Up Data Sources.

About Report Delivery Options

The BI Publisher delivery manager enables you to set up connections to support the following delivery channels:

For more information on setting up the delivery options, see Setting Up Delivery Options.

About Setting Runtime Configuration Properties

Use the Runtime Configuration page to enable configuration settings for your system. The properties include settings that

For more information on setting configuration properties and font mappings, see Setting Runtime Properties.

About the System Maintenance Options

BI Publisher administration also includes a set of system maintenance settings and tasks. These are:

For more information on these tasks and settings, see Setting System Maintenance Options.

Flow of Tasks for First Time Setup of BI Publisher

If you are setting up BI Publisher for the first time, following is the recommended flow of tasks: